Best paying jobs in Nigeria

Best paying jobs in Nigeria 2022/2023

If you’re looking for a job, there’s no better place to be than Nigeria. That’s because the country has some of the highest salaries in Africa and one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. In this article, we’ll explore what kinds of jobs offer the best pay and why you should consider them if you’re looking for work.

Chief Executive Officers

Chief executives are the highest-ranking executives in a company. The CEO is responsible for overseeing all aspects of a business, and he or she makes sure that it runs smoothly and profitably. A CEO may also be the founder of their organization (e.g., Bill Gates).

CEOs must have strong leadership skills, as they oversee all employees and make sure everyone is working toward the same goals as part of a cohesive team. They must also be skilled at communicating with shareholders, stakeholders, boards of directors and investors to ensure that they’re informed about what’s going on within the company at any given time.

Marketing Managers

Marketing managers are responsible for developing marketing strategies, product development and brand management. They work in a variety of industries including fashion, retail, healthcare and more. If you’re interested in this type of job then it’s important to have a good understanding of the marketing mix and how to apply it to your business.

You also need strong leadership skills as you will be managing a team who will require guidance at all times.

Management Consultants

Management consultants are professionals who help businesses improve their performance. They do this by making recommendations on how to improve operations and solve problems. Management consultants can also help businesses plan for the future, such as by developing strategic plans.

DevOps Engineers

DevOps engineers are responsible for developing and implementing DevOps processes and tools. They work closely with software developers, IT operations, and quality assurance teams to automate the software development process.

A DevOps engineer is expected to design and implement an automation framework that encompasses the entire development cycle from code writing to deployment. The role also includes monitoring the performance of applications after they are deployed in production environments as well as managing infrastructure changes such as upgrades or patches applied on it.

Data Analysts

Data analysts are the people who work with data and use it to solve problems. They analyze the information and then create useful models that can be used by others in order to make informed decisions. Data analysts typically have degrees in computer science, mathematics, statistics or other related fields. These professionals are typically found at companies that collect large amounts of data such as banks or insurance companies.

Data analyst salary is dependent upon your experience level and marketability but as a general rule they earn anywhere between $66,000 – $100,000 per year.

Financial Analysts

If you’re looking for a job that allows you to make money and have a lot of freedom, then the financial analyst position may be for you.

Financial analysts are highly trained and skilled professionals who are responsible for analyzing and interpreting financial data. They help companies make better decisions by providing them with financial information, forecasts and projections.


Programmers are the people who create software. You might be thinking, “I didn’t know that anyone could make money by making software.” And you’re right! Most programmers don’t make money by creating software. They do it for fun, or out of necessity (in order to use a particular program), or as part of their job responsibilities.

But there’s an elite group of programmers who work for companies and make serious bank doing what they love—writing code that makes computers run all over the world. Think about how much time you spend on your phone or computer almost every day: how many apps have you used in the past 24 hours? How many times have you checked Facebook? How many times have you seen an ad pop up on your screen?

All of this is possible because there are thousands upon thousands of talented programmers working as hard as they can every day to keep things running smoothly for everyone else.


Actuaries are professionals who analyze data to calculate the probability of events, and then use that information to set insurance rates. They’re often found in the insurance industry, but they can also work in healthcare or finance. These careers have attracted a lot of interest lately—the median salary for actuaries is $84,000 per year—so it’s no surprise that they’re one of the best paying jobs in Nigeria.

Human Resources Managers

Human resources managers are responsible for hiring, training and disciplining employees. They also help with employee relations and other issues such as benefits administration, compensation and performance management.

Human resource managers typically have a bachelor’s degree in human resources or business administration. Some may hold a master’s degree in business administration (MBA).

Investment Bankers

Investment bankers are highly qualified financial experts who work in the investment banking sector. As a banker, you’ll be responsible for advising companies on mergers and acquisitions, and raising capital through the sale of stocks and bonds. If you’re successful at these tasks, you can make a pretty penny: according to, investment bankers earn an average of $144k per year.

The job will require intense study—investment bankers need to be licensed by their state or country’s securities regulatory body before taking on clients—but those with experience might be able to start at a management level early on in their careers if they have enough education under their belt.

These are the best paying jobs in Nigeria at the moment.

These are the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria at the moment. These jobs are highly skilled, as well as in high demand.

  • Doctors and Engineers
  • Accountants and IT Professionals


If you want to make money, these are the best-paying jobs in Nigeria. The most important thing is to be flexible and willing to learn new things. If you’re looking for a job in Nigeria or abroad, check out our latest openings here on latestjobgist



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