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If you are looking for remote jobs in Nigeria then this post is for you.  In this article I’m going to be sharing a company that is currently hiring hundreds of people interested in remote jobs residing in Nigeria to basically enable you start working from home. With this company, you’ll be able to earn up to 74,000 US dollars annually. Isn’t that huge? Many salary earners in Nigeria can’t even make this amount of money in a year even government workers.

Definitely, this is a very good  and legit company that are actually paying workers it’s name is, it has been for years hiring people round the globe and I think Nigerians will not be left out. That’s why I decided to share this great information on my blog. Without further introductions let’s get into full processes and steps to find this remote jobs in Nigeria.




So basically what these company do is that  they are software development company. So they’re always hiring new talent to basically help them do the heavy lifting. So this is exactly why you’re going to be working in different roles because they have quite a number of jobs ready for you to actually be able to start working with this company.

So this is what you’re going to do, you’re going to check out their jobs section right there on their site. They have quite a number of jobs,  so you can check out by department because they have quite a number of departments that can fit as remote jobs in Nigeria. So you can basically scroll through to check out exactly the department that you’re interested in or else you could actually just scroll through their page.


On there page you will notice they actually specify the region in which you must be so for you to be able to work in a given department. For an instance they have some departments  around the European area. So normally this should be remote in any European country. So most of the countries like the UK or France because all these have the same timezone.

But there are some of those jobs that are actually purely remote. So for example, some departments it’s purely remote. So you can basically apply from whichever country that you currently reside in, so if you are in Nigeria and couldn’t go ahead for other areas you can  check out all these jobs because there are so many. There are so many jobs, there are those under engineering, there also jobs under online security. Then, when you scroll down  more you can also find those in accounting, then those in finance, also legal and corporate affairs, then people’s operations and  people’s success.


There are really quite a number of jobs that they currently have on there site, or in other words they’re currently hiring for. So there are many jobs in marketing right there. If you are good in marketing go ahead and  check out those in digital marketing.


Remote jobs in Nigeria – Content writers

Basically, check out the entire list of remote jobs you will actually find a job that best suits your skills to be able to perform to your very best. If you are a content writer their is also a job for you there that is currently available. So in case you’re very good at this, that’s under marketing so when you check out their marketing department, that’s exactly where you fall into. When you check under Content marketing you can see content you are going to be writing for this company.

So this could be blogs, specifically blogs, and they may be on their social media platforms. So they basically need a content writer and so you should check out this opportunities. So basically, this is their field of work. And then what I used to do is write multiple blog articles per week, didn’t want the SEO team to devote time executing content strategy to great new readers to the GitLab Block.


 Remote jobs in Nigeria – editor

Managing Editor to set the publishing strategy directors and goals report on and use their territory, inform publishing strategy, work, cross functionally with other groups to develop compelling technical blog content. So what they’re basically looking for right here is that you must have proven experience writing SEO optimized technical content focused on application development. This is very, very, critical. So five years plus experience in journalism, content marketing, communication, or software development. So if you have any of these then definitely they hire the right person they actually made for this role 1 degree in English or journalism, or software engineering, or any equivalent.


 Excellent communication and organization

This company need proficiency, you must be able to coordinate multiple other stakeholders and  also perform in any fast moving and tensed startup environment, and prove the ability to work on any number of projects given at a time. If you share your values to them, they will pay you effectively. So basically, this is what they are looking for. So in case you feel you can fit this role, then definitely, you just go ahead, fill in this application, and then you’ll be able to apply for this role. And be able to get a chance to start working at home. Well, those are the opportunities at get lab hockey guide and take action apply for these jobs for you to be able to start working at home.


Summary of remote jobs in Nigeria

So these are the remote jobs in Nigeria listed and explained above. Mind you this company is legit and pays, the only problem is for you to qualify for the jobs they need. And these companies does not pay if you don’t work, they pay you according to your works so you don’t have to implement the mindset of making money without working. So what do you think about this company? Will you check it ? Let’s know in the comments section.




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