Best tips on how to decline a job offer

It is relevant if you know how to decline a job offer without offending the hiring company because this will help build your employment network that will be of great importance in the future.

Many people may not see the reason for learning how to decline a job offer, they will say ” how can I decline a job offer?” But you see getting a perfect and mouth-watering job is one of the greatest feelings you can experience, that feeling of having a high-paying job and living a comfortable and fulfilled lifestyle.

But before getting this perfect job you also have to turn down other job offers you received or resign from the one you are employed.


If you are asking that question why should I turn down an offer? Many scenarios may result in you turning down job offers, and some of them are listed below:

You are called for a better offer from another company.

People prefer to accept the bigger offer mostly when it is a private or contracts job. It’s common among us because that’s a sign of progress which in most cases doesn’t work perfectly. That’s more reason you should know how to decline a job offer.

The salary they agreed on paying is lower than your qualifications.

Salary is the main focus factor of job searchers, salaries motives and has a very strong 💪 influence on the workers and may require to decline a job because the salary and benefits from the job can’t cater to your needs and that of your family.

The position of post giving to you isn’t fit for your education qualification, career goals, or talent.

The position of the company is not okay, that is maybe bad road which will increase transport fare and other expenses.

They have a toxic and uncomfortable work environment

Declining a job offer might not be as simple as you might think, is a crucial state in respect to building your reputation in the marketplace which have its repercussions in the future. You know this world is a global village, people you meet today during your job hunt may be of great benefit in near future, though might not look so useful to your current quest. Knowing how to decline job offers and it’s important let’s move straight to the best tips to decline job offers without offending anyone.


When you know you are not interested in a given job there is no need to waste time since it will be keeping the company on hold thereby wasting their time also, quickly contact the recruiter in charge of the manager of the company right away and inform him about your decision. Though they will surely be disappointed but declining on time will let them move on and check another candidate that can hopefully qualify for that position.
You should surely try as much as possible not to delay their recruitment process with your delay. All recruiters always have a lot of jobs at stake, and quickening their work will be highly acknowledged. In some cases the company might be willing to negotiate with you, this always occurs if they have limited candidates or you have great value that you can offer so responding fast will make everything work smoothly.


It is common among people to decline offers easier by typing it down in a mail but that’s not the best option. Though is always easier to type what you can’t say smoothly but in this case, you have to start first by contacting them via a phone call an email can come in afterward.
Contacting through a phone will give you more opportunity to share why you don’t accept the offer and a different position you wish if any, this will help the recruiter in making his decisions. If you are an introvert and can’t speak comfortably, it is advisable to put it down in a script before the call to avoid stammering or making mistakes.

After the phone conversation, you can now follow it up with an email with more detailed reasons you discussed while on a phone conversation with the hiring manager. If you prepared a script as advised above you can pick some keywords from the scripts. But in case you could not reach the manager via phone call for some days I will advise you to send a mail immediately to avoid wasting their time as I discussed above.


Before declining the job first thank them for choosing you and their time. Don’t blame the company or speak any negative thing about them that made you decline the job offer. Even if it is their fault, not throwing it at them will secure your opportunity for securing a job with them in the future.

As I said before that this world is a global village, so you might still meet them in the future. Also, Twitter and LinkedIn have successfully connected people globally so you might meet your hiring manager on social media someday.


In your declining mail, you should mostly focus on the good part of the company and talk less about the reason why you declined the offer, though if you are comfortable writing the reasons you can likewise go ahead but I will advise is better to talk less about them. Or better still put it that you are seeking for a job best in your study line.
You can also refer someone you think is competent for that position, but be very careful to refer a qualified person to avoid damaging your reputation.

Summary of how to decline job offer

You may think declining a job offer does not require all the stress in the steps listed above, since you don’t need the job then they should forget about it. But the main purpose for following these steps accordingly is to maintain a good reputation in the marketplace or work field, and most importantly to maintain a good relationship for future purposes which will pay off. And this will also help build opportunities for you if done in perfect order.
So these steps above are the best ways and procedures, make sure to follow them accordingly then you get a perfect result. I believe this post satisfies your query about how to decline a job offer? Make sure to share your opinions in the comments section.



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