Capital Goods Jobs with Salary In 2022

Indeed many people have been searching online recently about capital goods jobs and salary structures.

In this very post, we will be focusing more deeply on the best paying jobs in the capital goods industry.

But before we go into detail there are a few things we need to consider first.

What are capital goods?

Capital goods can be defined as durable goods that can be used to produce a variety of different products or services that are highly demanded by the general public.

This industry plays a key role in the development and economic growth of our society.

Examples of Capital Goods

We are going to outline the examples of capital goods below.

1. Equipment:

This includes all the equipment used in various industries to help archive the primary goals. Like forklifts Dumper, cranes conveyors belts lifters.

2. Industrial Tools:

The industrial tools include all the tools that are being used in industry like vehicles, drilling machines, and injection molding machines.

The importance of the capital goods industry.

Of a truth capital goods is very important in the area of infrastructural and economic development. Capital goods employ Labor Statistics show that it reduces unemployment by 37 percent from 2017 to 2011 in the USA.

What are the major sections in the capital goods industry?

There are many sectors here but we are going to highlight the major ones.

1. Transportation:

This section is very important in the industry as it helps in many ways from vehicle manufacturing which creates jobs.

Transportation plays a crucial role in our society ranging from vehicles, trains, airplanes, and ships.

2. Construction.

This section is very important in building houses, bridges, roads, offices, and drainages providing a good environment for businesses.

Best paying jobs in the capital goods industry.

There are various jobs in the capital market depending on the section you find yourself in. Including engineering, fabrication, manufacturing, and sales. So if you are looking for high-paying jobs then consider capital goods.

What did the capital goods industry pay?

1. Engineering Manager:

If you work as an engineering manager that’s great but knows that you will be able to work with a team of Certified Compensation Professional engineers. In carrying out the design and development of new features or products.

The salary for an engineering manager is estimated at around $120,000 to $147,000 per anum

2. Manufacturing engineering:

Manufacturing engineering is responsible for the planning and execution of the processes. And the salary is around $132,000 per anum.

3. Quality Control Manager:

Quality control managers help in maintaining the efficacy of the products and sort and balance the raw materials in other to maintain the quality of the products.

And can earn up to $110,000 on yearly basis.

4. Sales Manager:

Sales Managers are responsible for sales and promotion of the product. It plays a very crucial role in the capital goods industry.

and can earn $100,000 yearly.

5. Business Development Manager

The business development manager helps the company to identify new businesses and can earn up to $89,000 per anum.

Can I make a Career in the capital goods industry in 2022?

Yes, the capital goods are durable in as much as people are living on this planet. The capital goods will continue to be relevant. Anyone can be involved once you have the qualifications that will earn you the opportunity to work in the industry.

Those that did not have the qualifications can still be employed in the industry as an assistant, laborers, drivers, and operators.

We may not be able to determine the salary level at this point.

Summary of Capital Goods Jobs with Salary In 2022

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