Creative Industry Financing Initiative CBN (CIFI) Loan Scheme 2022/2023

are you a Nigerian and thinking of participating in the ongoing creative industry financing initiative cbn loan scheme?

In this post, I will guide you through the process and get your loan approval. All you need to do is read to the end of this post.

The CNB (CIFI) loan scheme is part of the federal government scheme to lift many Nigerian out of poverty.

It was a great idea to help people to be established in their respective skills. And to help the economy to be strengthened.

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The (CIFI) in partnership with the central bank of Nigeria CBN provides a loan term with low-interest rates specifically for entrepreneurs in creative industries

such as:

Music artist 

Fashion and designing 

Movie industry 


Technology etc.

How to successfully get your Creative Industry Financing Initiative CBN (CIFI) Loan Scheme

In other to archive this vision, the nirsal Microfinance in partnership with CBN to run an internship program and all interested candidates have to apply through nirsal.

As part of the process all the interested candidates are to go through training in partnership with agsmeis.

The training usually lasts for 2 to 3 weeks the training is to prepare you for management.

You will obtain a certificate at the end of the training, which is very educative and can help you out even with your own goals.

You can locate the authorized training center nearest to you or go to the SME Center in your state to inquire.

After the training, you can now proceed to the loan application. The training center can assist you on how to apply and upload your document.

In case you have not registered your business name with CAC it’s very important you do so because that is the only thing that will delay your registration process.

In case you want us to assist you in any way feel free to contact us via our contact page or make use of the comment section below this page and make your question known unto us.

Creative Industry Financing Initiative CBN is free of charge none of us from the latest job gist team will ever ask you for money or any form of a gist to assist you.





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