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Fig loan reviews from fig tech

Fig loan reviews are a great way to get information about a fig loan from fig tech before you take out the loan. And that information is exactly what we are going to deliver to you in this post, though you can read customer reviews and see what people thought of the loan, the interest rate, and the terms of the loan. You can also find out if people were happy with the final product but we will cover beyond what customers are likely to write on their review page in this post.

If you don’t previously know about Fig Loans, they are an online money lender which has the aim of offering small personal loans to borrowers with little interest. They also help in savings by the introduction of their credit-builder loans, and this is to help borrowers build credit when payments are made on time and this will help them in savings. This is a glimpse of fig tech, now let’s explain this company in full.

Who is Fig tech inc?

As I explained earlier this site or company originated with the sole aim of granting loans for personal use even in low quantities and also help in saving by a credit system implemented by them.

” We’re redesigning the way low-income families interact with the monolithic financial system.

Think plain English vs. legalese, scalable UI vs. expensive call centers, and predictive analytics vs. FICO-based underwriting. ”

This is directly what Fig tech inc said about themselves.

Is fig loan reliable and real? (my fig loan review )

This Fig loan is not rated by the Better Business Bureau. In Trustpilot reviews, fig tech loans score 4.9 out of 5 stars, which is a favorable rating with 95% of over 1,000 reviews rating this loan company excellent. In 2020, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau received three personal-loan-related complaints about this loan but not that serious. So with these ratings I believe is worth giving it a try.

What are the requirements for getting fig loans

There are not any complicated requirements for getting this loan. But I will give you some tips which I discovered from fig tech inc directly, they include

To get this loan your primary bank account must show the most income deposits and all transactions for at least 3 months of history. This is required as they will use your bank account history to make decisions before offering the loan to you. So I will advise you to prepare a perfect account with enough history!

It is advisable or demanded that your total income monthly income should be up to $1400 or a total bank deposit

These two tips are the main tips that will be helpful for your loan approval. Other requirements include a secure internet connection, a mobile device or computer, and Bank login information .

Fig loan application process

  1. Search for their site address ”
  2. Apply from the menu
  3. Fill in the necessary details and confirmations.
  4. You now wait for notification if your loan is approved or declined, and all this process will take a maximum of 48 hours and most application processes and approval do take less than 24 hours.

With this loan company, you can borrow between $50 to $1,000 in eight states. You can view your loan status in your dashboard within your account.

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Top Fig Loan reviews on google reviews

” It was a simple experience as well as the staff Explaining the procedure. I would recommend Fig Loan to anyone in need of a loan. ”

Don Whitfield

”  Easy application, low rates for an unsecured personal loan, A+ customer service. Hits 5 stars on everything for me! ”

Jason Frumkin

” They are great, they give you fast approval and work with your credit. ”

Jasmine Clay


So these are the fig loan reviews, honestly in my opinion this loan site deserves a try if you wish to do so.



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