highest paying jobs in south africa

South Africa is a wealthy country, but it’s not as wealthy as it could be. The country has been growing at a rate of 2% for the last few years, which is about half that of other countries in its region. Partially as a result of this slow growth, unemployment is still quite high in South Africa at around 27%. This means that many people don’t have access to good jobs and salaries—even those with degrees or professional certifications.

Software engineering

Software Engineering is one of the most in-demand professions in South Africa, and for good reason. Software engineers are paid well for their work, and there are plenty of job opportunities available in this field.

Software engineers are needed across many industries—including banking and insurance—and the demand for software engineering skills continues to grow each year. If you’re looking to make a career change or start your own business, this is an excellent option!

Investment banking analysts

  • What you do: You work in the financial sector and are involved in mergers and acquisitions.
  • Main duties: You’re responsible for working with clients, managing companies and their finances, as well as interacting with the media.
  • Pay: Salary packages can amount to R1.5 million to R2 million (R12 590-R15 730 per month)

Medical specialists

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The top five highest paying jobs in South Africa are all medical specialists. These professionals are paid more than doctors, surgeons and general practitioners.

  • Medical specialists
  • Surgeons
  • Gynaecologists
  • Paediatricians

Mine project engineers

Mine project engineers are responsible for the design, development and implementation of mining projects. They must have a thorough knowledge of geology and engineering principles to ensure that mines are constructed in an efficient manner. This career requires at least an undergraduate degree in engineering or a related field.

Job duties include managing all aspects of a mine’s operation, including safety procedures, production quotas and environmental concerns. Mine project engineers may also be responsible for hiring personnel as well as administrative tasks like budgeting and purchasing new equipment.

Financial managers

Financial managers are responsible for the financial affairs of an organisation, including managing its financial performance. They ensure that the organization has enough money to cover its costs and invest in new projects.

Financial managers can work in all types of organizations, from banks to non-profit organizations or even sports teams. Most financial managers will have a degree in accounting or business administration, but many also take specialist courses on things like equity research or corporate finance so they know how it works on the ground level as well as from an academic perspective.

Corporate lawyers

If you’re looking to make a difference in the world, consider becoming a corporate lawyer. This type of lawyer represents companies and/or individuals in legal proceedings.

As a corporate lawyer, your duties may include:

  • Advising on business strategies and plans for growth
  • Drafting contracts and agreements between clients (such as buyers and sellers)
  • Reviewing financial statements for accuracy
  • Negotiating deals between companies

Actuarial scientists and risk managers

Actuarial science is the field of insurance, finance, and business that uses probability and statistics to assess risk and uncertainty and to make decisions about insurance premiums, government pensions, and employee benefits. Actuaries play a critical role in designing pension plans for governments, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. They use their expertise in mathematics to analyze data from experience: what happened when certain policies were taken out? The goal is to predict how many people will buy a given product now or in the future.

As an actuarial scientist, you’ll need at least an undergraduate degree in mathematics or actuarial sciences with excellent analytical skills; ideally, you will also have some knowledge of statistics and risk management techniques.

Management consulting analysts and managers

Management consulting analysts and managers are also among the highest-paid professions in South Africa, earning an average of R800,000 a year.

This profession involves providing advice on management issues to companies or governments. Management consultants usually work with senior executives, helping them make decisions about how to run their businesses more effectively.

Chartered accountants and auditors

Chartered accountants and auditors are the highest paid professionals in South Africa, earning an average salary of R1.9 million per year. Chartered accountants have a bachelor’s degree, and a professional designation, and are licensed by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) or its equivalent in your country. They also have to pass SAICA’s Professional Competence Assessment (PCA) before they can apply for their license as a registered public accountant, which is required before they can practice as a chartered accountant or auditor.

You must be able to demonstrate knowledge in fields such as business management and financial accounting if you want to be considered for one of these positions.

6 or 7 of the 10 jobs are in financial services.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when evaluating your options is that several industries offer high-paying jobs. The financial services industry, for example, is the largest employer in South Africa by far; it currently employs almost one million people in South Africa alone! That’s more than any other industry and 50% more than the second largest employer: healthcare (which includes nursing and medicine). If you look back over recent years’ figures on employment growth by the sector you’ll see that these two industries have both grown at about 5% per year between 2014 and 2018. However, mining has not kept up with this pace; its rate of growth is closer to 3%.


So, if you want to make money, it seems like a good idea to go into one of these professions. But there are some other factors to consider: South Africa has a high cost of living and a crime rate that is difficult for many people living elsewhere in the world. If you’re considering moving here for work, do your research!



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