How to apply for work access permit

Work Access Permit is to be obtained by individuals or business organizations planning to carry out or wanting to undertake any activity that will cause a huge impact on the normal flow or operation of the road, within or any part of the road corridor.



A work access permit is said to be a kind of permit that is designed to manage access to specific areas where work is scheduled. Work access permits can be used to manage and monitor the access of both internal and external visitors and contractors.

A work access permit evaluates the hazards and isolations that are to be associated with work activities. When creating work access permits, you must provide the details with which the permit is associated or linked to. You ensure that your work access permits are ready to be issued.

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Work Access Permit manual is a document that is being controlled and updated as changes are needed and made. The changes are made by authorized and assigned persons, they are in charge of making the work access permit form to be in correspondence with the manual.

The manual does not cover all hazards and safety measures but includes precautions to be considered.




A Work access permit defines the hazards and isolations that are associated with work activities. When your access permit is being created, you are expected to provide the details with which the permit is associated. You must make sure the account created must define the hazards that are involved in completing the work that is associated with that permit. Below includes procedures in applying for a Work access permit:


  • In the Permit and Certificate Types application, define a permit or certificate type to associate with this access permit. Use the rich text editor of the Long Description field to assign a color and a font size to the text. You can assign a different color to highlight the type of permit or certificate. The highlighted text is displayed in the Permit Header field of the Access Permits application.


  • In the People application, on the Details tab, authorize qualified, active personnel as issuing authorities and performing authorities. If countersignatures are required for this access permit, select the authorized area authority or the authorized issuing authority.


  • In the Risk Assessment application, identify the hazards that are associated with work operations and assess their risks. Hazard records must belong to the same organization as the access permit.


  • In the Access Permits application, click New Access Permit.


  • On the Access Permit tab, specify the details for the access permit.


  • On the Risks tab, add a summary of the hazards that were identified as part of the risk assessment, and summarize any controls that were put in place to address the hazards.


  • On the Procedures tab, add operating procedures, checklists, and training courses that are related to the access permit.


  • On the Issue and Acceptance tab, add the issuing and performing authorities, including any countersignatures, if required.


  • Save the record




Approving persons: This is defined as an assigned person with overall responsibility, they are the only ones who have the right to appoint authorized persons for the operation of each section.


Authorized persons: This is a person chosen by the Approving person. It is believed that they have the technical knowledge and the practical experience to ensure a safe place of work or access requirements and recognize potential hazards. This set of persons has the power to raise, issue and cancel Permits.

Permit acceptor: This is defined as the person a Permit is issued and is likely to be a supervisor or skilled operative. The Permit Acceptor must have the relevant competence to interpret the requirements of the permit; they will not only be responsible for their own activity but also for the safety of others who are working on the task specified on the permit. A Permit can have up to four Permit Acceptors who may be engaged in different activities. There may be occasions where more than four persons are required to work on a particular job or access an area, in this case, the authorized Person will identify the Permit Acceptor to oversee the supervision and coordination of the activities.

Competent person: A competent person is defined as someone who has the technical knowledge, qualifications, training, and/or practical experience to recognize potential hazards and controls needed to ensure a safe place of

Work or access.

The customer: The customer is defined as the person who requests the activity to be carried out. The Customer may be the authorized Person or someone requesting the work that does not have the authority to sign the permit.




Permits can only be raised by an Authorized Person prior to commencement of activities. Where a number of authorized Persons have input prior to the issue of a Permit, by agreement, only one of the authorized Persons will assume overall responsibility for the activity.

The following numbering and headings are as they appear on the Permits.


  • Customer: This is to be completed by an Authorized Person. This particular section gives details of the site, department, date, customer, and permit number.
  • Identified Hazards: This is also needed to be completed by an authorized person who is meant to indicate the particular hazards for which the Permit is required, by ticking the boxes in Section 2 of the form. This authorized Person must read the relevant safety precautions included in this manual of the access permit.
  • Work details and access requirements to be undertaken: Also to be filled by authorized Person. This section describes the activity to be undertaken and any special access requirements.
  • Isolation/Safety Precautions/Required PPE/RPE: To be completed by the authorized Person who must specify the isolation very necessary and the safety measures to be taken to ensure that the activity is performed in a safe manner. After they have checked the safety precautions and are satisfied with how effective and secure they are, these authorized Persons are to print and sign their names in the appropriate boxes.
  • Permit Validity: This section is to be completed by the Authorized Person who has overall responsibility for the work, after consultation and agreement with interested parties and key stakeholders? The authorized person who has overall responsibility for the activity will enter the commencement and expiry times and dates, and validate the Permit by printing and signing in the appropriate boxes.



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