How To Start A New Career In 2022/2023

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Most of us want to have a purpose in life, especially when it comes to our careers. Changing careers can be a way to find a new purpose in your work, and make you excited to do something new. Having a renewed sense of purpose can also help you feel happy at work and boost your productivity.


It’s very easy to get set in your ways and to think that because you always had this job or worked in that industry, you can’t do anything else. You may also feel like you chose the wrong career, and you’re stuck. That’s not true.

How to start a new career

Larger incomes are associated with greater well-being and overall life satisfaction. Wanting to shift careers can also be an opportunity to get a better salary. You can use your experience and previous salaries to leverage a pay increase when starting a new career. A good place to start is assessing your cursent compensation and seeing what it could be.

Tips on how to start a new career in 2022/2023

Tip: We can all make a change if we want to. The timing needs to be right, and the foundation for making a move needs to be set, but it can be done. The hardest part is convincing yourself that you’re ready to do it.

In some cases, we’re not even aware we need a change. We’re bored or tired or simply don’t feel like going to work. We use every excuse we can think of to take time off and cringe at the thought of going back to work. Even worse, we simply don’t like our job and would rather be anywhere else than at the office. That can happen to anyone.

All you need to know on how to start a new career


Determine the type of job you want and what you want out of your career. What motivates you? What sort of people do you want to work with? What sort of work culture suits you best? And what type of work most energizes you?” Write these answers down if it helps you.

 Knowing your career aspirations can help you determine the type of education you need and the types of positions to apply for.

In addition, consider your preferences in terms of a job’s commute time, its location, its average salary, and its typical work schedule. Identifying these criteria can help you to prioritize your preferences and help narrow down your research.


Every job in the workforce requires specific skills and qualifications. Before you pursue a career, consider your education level and your abilities. Assessing your skills and qualifications can help you determine the next steps for your professional development and future career. It can also help you identify what jobs may align with your current credentials.


Once you make a career choice, research the common requirements for the job you’re interested in. Some jobs require certain degrees or certifications. After your research, spend time pursuing the common qualifications for the job you want if you don’t already have them.


Research different jobs and industries that align with your qualifications and interests. For example, if you love science and helping people, consider a job in the healthcare industry. Use an online search engine to research industries and jobs across different sectors. Read job descriptions to learn more about each of the positions’ responsibilities and required skills to help you to determine if you’re qualified for the position.


Connect with a working professional in the industry you’re interested in. Establishing a professional relationship with someone in your prospective field can help you gain valuable insight and advice based on their personal experiences. Consider researching industry professionals whose work you admire or whose jobs you find interesting. Then, connect with them via email. A mentor may even connect you with other industry professionals who can help you establish your career even further.


After pursuing the common qualifications for the job you’re interested in, research open positions. Once you find jobs that align with your qualifications, apply online or in person. Keep in mind that different companies may have different requirements for the same job title. Therefore, carefully review the description for the job you’re interested in to ensure you meet the specific requirements for that role.

Look at how to start a new career options: If there are a few career options that interest you and would suit you, do research to narrow down the shortlist to find a role that suits you best right now, Refer back to what you discovered in your self-assessment to help you identify how good a fit you are for the different options you’re considering.


If your plan is to go and work abroad for a few years but then come back to your home country, make sure that you’re not applying for roles with skills that are too niche, could become obsolescent, or simply won’t be much sought-after back home.

Technicality about how to start a new career 

With technical roles, digitization, IT, digital marketing, and e-commerce, the skills are usually very transferrable and perennially in demand, she advises, but within areas such as legal, risk, and compliance you need to take care. Some local legislation, for example around data privacy, will have its counterpart in any territory; but some legislation and regulation is so specific to one jurisdiction that it doesn’t really translate to another.

7. SAVE MONEY: You may need to have a financial buffer if you’re going to take an initial pay cut or have time away from work as part of your career change. This is particularly true if you’re returning to full-time study for several years.

When your ultimate goal is more meaningful work or work-life balance, you may need to make some sacrifices such as dropping to part-time hours, downsizing your home, selling a car, moving in with family, or making major changes to your lifestyle.


LACK OF EXPERIENCE: This is a key challenge facing many people. “You may need to be very proactive to get that first job. Build a network in your new career area to improve your chances of gaining employment,” she says. Depending on how competitive the industry is, you may need to do an internship or even volunteer work to get your foot in the door.

FEAR OF FAILURE: We may fear making a mistake or making the wrong decision. “Recognise that this is normal, and be prepared for these feelings of self-doubt to arise often throughout the career change process.


Overcome this fear by reminding yourself why you’re looking for a change, and by doing plenty of research so there’s little doubt in your mind that you are making the right decision.

FEAR OF WHAT OTHERS THINK: “This fear can be debilitating, especially if you’re giving up a career that has required a lot of studies and significant work. It may especially affect you if you come from a role with a high income or status, such as law, medicine, and finance.

But it’s your life and you deserve a rewarding career. “Be sure about your career change and your reasons why. That way you’ll feel more confident explaining it to colleagues or concerned family members

Conclusion on how to start a new career in 2022/2023

In addition to the career-boosting benefits, starting a new career also gives you a fantastic opportunity to develop more experience. So, look beyond your colleagues and ex-pat community for ways to build your connections more broadly, and be open to trying something new – you never know what you might discover or where these new experiences and connections might lead you later on.



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