Is It Possible To Work Abroad With Little Or No Experience

Working abroad is the dream of most people, it is not just about the traveling experience but it is also a means to open more doors for you internationally, learn new languages and skills. However, getting a job in most developed countries can sometimes be a lot easier than getting a job in their home countries.

It is difficult to get a good-paying job abroad without experience at all but it is possible. In this content, you will learn how to work abroad with little or no experience, tips on how to get a job abroad, and also the requirements needed to work abroad.


Get your visas and work permits ready: Visa and work permits are very important documents when it comes to working abroad. The documents needed to be able to work abroad. No matter how much you have prepared, without these two documents (visa and work permits), your dream of working abroad will be terminated. However, it is very necessary to have these documents ready before making plans for your travel.

Make findings on the cost of living and compare it with your income: Knowing the actual cost of living in any country is very necessary to avoid living above budget. If the cost of living is high, then you would have no other choice but to cut down the cost of feeding, accommodation, etc.

Put into consideration the time off you will be given: This is another very important tip. You will need time to learn other skills, make friends, reflect on your goals, time to rest, visit family members, have fun, etc.

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Make a research on how to write CVs and cover letters: If you want this process to go smoothly, you must learn how to prepare CVs and cover letters. You ought to learn about the headings, content, layout, and formalities of writing a CV and cover letter for your country of choice. Don’t make your CV too bulky, just go straight to the point.

Get a plan B: As a traveler, you ought to always set aside a plan B to avoid unnecessary frustrations and disappointments. Aside from applying for jobs, it is also important to get a skill that can generate money for you because of unforeseen contingencies. Have it in mind that things do not always work out as planned.


  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) Passport.
  • Work permit
  • Birth Certificate
  • High School certificate.
  • Certificates of Employment.
  • Professional License (optional).
  • Skills or trade test Certification (optional).
  • Other documents such as marriage contracts (for married female applicants).

Police Clearance

Always think outside the Box: As a traveler, you should never depend on anyone or just your CV to get a job. Learn to think outside of the box, you can gather experiences through different means, learn new skills, and do new amazing things. This will get you opportunities bigger than just having a resume.

How To Work Abroad With Little Or No Experience

Another way to get a job with no experience is to always have in mind that requirements & responsibilities are just Guidelines and not rules but this doesn’t mean the job requirements do not matter. Of course, it does matter but it shouldn’t be an obstacle. Most employers do not take this requirement very seriously.

Another secret on how to get a job with no experience in studying and knowing the cultural context of the industry you are applying for, the setting of the business, their dos and don’t. Go to their social media pages and make proper research on the company, this will help you a lot.

Networking:Networking is never overrated. This will help you meet new people that can help you actualize your dreams. Meet people, get into conversations with them, exchange contacts. They might be of great help to you in the future.

Jobs abroad that require no experience

Most persons aiming to work abroad have no experience but there is still hope for them because there are still jobs one can do with little or no experience. Most of these jobs do not require college degrees so it is very easy to obtain them.

  1. Hotel breakfast attendant: Their primary duty is to work for hotels and resorts as part of the food service team, setting up buffet stands and serving meals to customers when ordered for.
  2. Tour guide: Tour guide jobs are a great way for individuals to travel and work abroad. Typically, those wanting to pursue tour guide positions in another country should look for opportunities through tour companies.
  3. Event planner: Their primary duty is to plan events, set the venue, and make some decorations depending on the type of event. Most even planning companies hire volunteers or interns to carry out the task and they get paid for their services rendered.
  4. Hotel housekeeper: This set of persons are in charge of cleaning always making sure the hotel rooms are in order. They change the room towels, bed sheets, pillowcases, sanitize the environment, mop the floor, etc.
  5. Nanny: This is a very common job that also pays well abroad that will be your time to equip yourself with other skills. Their main duty is to take care of kids when their parents are away or very old people who cannot do anything for themselves anymore. Anyone can be a Nanny so far as you are physically fit and willing to take the job.
  6. Farm assistants: The main duty of a farm assistant is to assist the owner of farmland, farm on his land. The activities carried out are the application of fertilizers, planting and harvesting crops, making ridges, etc. They get paid after a job well done.

Conclusively, before you should think of traveling outside your country to work abroad, you should first equip yourself with different skills that will help you generate money and sustain yourself while waiting to get paid. Also, set aside a plan B; ask yourself questions about the possibility of your plans coming through.
In as much as you can still get jobs with no experience, it is important to also gather experiences. This will give you a bigger chance of getting better jobs.




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