Getting best Jobs in cryptocurrency industry

Jobs in cryptocurrency industry

In this post, we will discuss Jobs in cryptocurrency industry. Are these jobs paying more than their counterparts in other tech companies? Are they paying more than those working with a small business? What do you think about people trying to get a job? These are the tons of questions I keep seeing.

Crypto is just like demand and supply that is trade but the upper hand depends on us. But over 100,000 people are working in the Bitcoin and crypto industry right now. Coinbase employs 5000 plus a bunch of people this year, and even as some of these FinTech companies are starting to flat.

FinTech and legacy finance to join the industry lawyers, accountants, etc. But then down to customer service. I think some of the most interesting stories. I know someone pretty well who is in his mid-50s. He was a former funeral director, and now he’s working in the social media section of the crypto industry. And other guys called college dropouts. He was selling insurance for State Farm and now works for Bitcoin Inc.

But there’s a spot for everyone within the jobs in cryptocurrency industry. I don’t know at this point, over 1000 people I think have gotten a job. What are some of the tips or tricks that you tell folks in terms of how they can increase the probability of success and transition? Yeah, there are several things one is just to find out what you’re passionate about. You know, if you’re a Bitcoin-only then go look for a Bitcoin-only company.

Steps on how to get a job in crypto with no experience

Great research

So number one is just kind of do your research beforehand, identify what kind of role you’re looking for. If you’re someone who’s only worked in customer experience, like don’t go looking for a software developer job, your chances of success there is next to zero. And the other thing is don’t apply to a bunch of different roles at companies. I sit and laugh because when I’m 25, then I just recently graduated from college. When I graduated, I had no clue what I wanted to do. So I just go on LinkedIn and look at interesting companies. But to get a good job not only for jobs in cryptocurrency industry you need to make a thorough research.

Get a job in line with your skill

You have to narrow down what you’re looking for and kind of how to align with your skillset. If your skillset isn’t suited to what you want to do, then take the initiative on your own and go do a boot camp go build up some experience, and build up a portfolio that you can kind of showcase to these companies in cryptocurrency industry. And that’s like the most interesting thing so the advice I always give job seekers is like do the job before you get the job in cryptocurrency, which is if you want to be a salesperson, and you show up to the interview and you’re like have these three leads that I found for you guys, they want to talk to someone here at the company who should I introduce them to?

If you’re the person hired guy to guy, I think you’re going to be pretty good at this like you know, we should find a role for you. But also there are other things where in some way it used to be like resumes mattered. So What school did you go to what was your degree did you What was your GPA? Like all that type of stuff. Now if somebody shows up now, I got 50,000 followers on Twitter, and I talk only about I don’t know customer service, you know, best practices, a customer service role, you’re likely to be pretty good at it rarely gets shown the proficiency in it or the knowledge base like WHAT HAVE YOU SEEN PEOPLE DO there?

I think it comes down to is like the-risking the hire. So when you come with a portfolio if you come with leads and the hiring manager wants to see that you can do the job. So I’ve been on both sides I’ve applied and then I’ve hired and the people that show the initiative to write the cover letter to show genuine interest in the company and then come prepared, you know, to the interview, here’s my portfolio. Here are some leads it you know, lets the hiring manager know that the person can do the job.


Get good knowledge of jobs in cryptocurrency industry

When do you start to think about things people can do to learn more like where do you normally send folks from like learning just, hey, I need to get my experience and my knowledge base up before the start to apply? if you want to work in the industry, I think you have to be on Twitter. That’s step number. One. And then from there, start with the free resources, you know, follow people like you follow people like a sailor, follow the people that are pushing out, you know, quality content, you know, go down the YouTube rabbit hole, watch different podcasts, sign up for newsletters, just kind of absorb as much free content as you can first and then once you kind of have that baseline level understanding, that’s when I think you can go, you know, take the next step, continue to network.

Main application process

Here’s what you shouldn’t do in the application process, and just really puts you kind of ahead of the curve in comparison to other applicants. And so when you see people be successful, how long does this take? Is this a one-week process? It does take a whole year, what would you say the average transition time is? Yeah, it just depends. We’ve seen people go through our programs specifically and then land a job within a couple of days. And there are some people that you know, they couldn’t leave their job, you know, for a couple of months to even potentially a couple of years.

Don’t procrastinate

It’s never too late to get started, but just start you know, putting content out there, start absorbing as much information as you can, and then start applying. What about a geographic location like everyone talks about this whole like move to remote work is most of the roles remote? Are some of them in the office and what are you seeing there? And then also like, what do you see from candidates so far?

Yeah, there’s this new concept that latitudes matter more than anything, and it’s time zones, right? So it’s more location agnostic and more so you know, can you say to the certain times that the job requires you to, but oftentimes, these companies are just looking for top talent kind of regardless of where they are. So what people are saying is I don’t care if you live in let’s say, New York City or in San Francisco, what I care is can be plus or minus.

Two or three hours from my specific timezone. So if you’re on the West Coast, and we’re an East Coast company is three hours perfect, or vice versa, but it may be harder if let’s say it’s a company based in Singapore, and you’re in the United States where there’s, you know, much more significant time kind of conflict if you will, Yeah, correct. Uber No, sorry. Airbnb is a good example where I think they recently just opened up and said, Hey, you guys can work from wherever we just want the best talent. Coinbase they don’t have a headquarters and there are several other companies in the industry that are pretty much location agnostic, and they just want talent.


Are jobs in cryptocurrency industry paying?

What about pay, are these jobs paying more than let’s say their counterparts in other tech companies? Are they paying more than working at like a small business? What do you see there, they’re paying enough to lower away from the top talent. A lot of the top companies but I think a lot of the job seekers, you know, realize the upside, you know, potential equity and things like that.

And it’s just much more exciting than wearing a suit and tie every day and you know, dreading work. It’s more fun, more engaging. You’re working in an industry that you believe in and you’re passionate about. Um, so to answer your question, yes, the pay is good across the board, but also there’s the added benefit of equity and also just enjoying work in general. Yeah, it does seem like people are maybe happier, right? And they don’t feel like it’s as much of a job as like, Hey, this is fun.

Crypto Jobs List ( Ten best paying jobs )

  1. Ethereum Core Developer get the job
  2. Marketing Manager dApp get the job
  3. Golang Engineer – StarkNet Client get the job
  4. Senior Developer get the job
  5. Sales and Business Development Lead get the job
  6. Product Owner/Manager – DeFi Orderbook DEX
  7. Community Manager
  8. Crypto Copywriter – Content Manager
  9. Community/Marketing Manager
  10. Structure Financial


Jobs in cryptocurrency industry are the future of centuries and I believe it will be great if you join now.

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