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The oil and gas industry is one of the most popular industries in Nigeria. It offers employment opportunities in every area of business including engineering, geology and geophysics, environmental sciences, economics and finance, accounting, law, and human resources. Since global energy demand continues to rise at an alarming rate it’s important to get on board with this exciting industry as early as possible!

Latest Job Gist is a platform that connects job seekers/applicants with employers. Job seekers can visit our site and apply for jobs while employers can air their vacancies on it. The site also helps graduates to find graduate jobs in the oil and gas industry, as well as helping undergrads to find undergraduate jobs in this field.

Oil and Gas Recruitment in Nigeria 2022

To apply for an oil and gas job. You must first determine whether your profile matches that of a company’s requirements. Most companies have their own set of hiring criteria which they use during interviews. These are usually posted on their website or advertised as part of an adverts campaign.

Visit the Chevron official web portal at careers.chevron.com for more information on how to apply.

If you think you meet their requirements. Then you should start by creating an account on the Nigerian Oil & Gas Company recruitment portal. Using your email address where you will be sent instructions about how to complete your application form. Once it is ready for submission after being reviewed by the HR department.

It is not a new thing that the Oil and Gas sector is one of the valid sectors of employment in Nigeria.

it is also a known fact that many Nigerians are currently seeking ways to work with oil companies in Nigeria.

Oil companies in Nigeria offer lucrative salaries, incentives. And bonuses which include housing allowance and other benefits.

It’s no longer news that job opportunities are waiting for you. If you can apply successfully for one or more positions within the oil industry.

Oil career prospects have increased drastically over the past decade.

Oil and gas careers are one of the most lucrative in Nigeria. If you have a passion for the industry. Then you should consider joining it as soon as possible. Many benefits come with being employed by an oil company. They include lucrative salaries, bonuses, and incentives, as well as job security.

They also provide excellent opportunities for growth. If you are willing to put in the effort required to get promoted within the company. In addition to this, they will provide training programs that teach their employees how to perform various tasks associated with the field of work they specialize in.

Some of these include drilling techniques used on offshore platforms or refinery operations at power plants located onshore. Each type has its unique processes that need tailored training courses before starting work onsite. So make sure your training covers all aspects of what could happen during production life cycle management (PLM).

The oil and gas industry offers employment opportunities in every area of business.

The oil and gas industry offers employment opportunities in every area of business.

There are plenty of jobs for graduates, undergraduates, and apprentices who want to learn about the industry.

Oil and gas companies recruit graduates and undergraduates, as well as offer internships, scholarships. And training programs that give young people valuable experience.


When applying for employment with any company you need to be aware that the process. Is not as simple as sending an application and then waiting for a response. There are many steps involved in getting hired by an oil company in Nigeria. The first step is filling out an application form which will require you to provide your details. Such as name, age, diploma program, and choice of employment opportunity within the industry. After submitting this information to the HR department or recruitment officer in charge of hiring new employees.

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