How to source for a well paying job in Nigeria

Without a doubt, you’d agree that looking for a job in Nigeria is compared to looking for a needle in a haystack Most well-paying jobs are often gotten through connections, whether you are from a rich family or a friend to someone in the position you want to apply for.

A job gives you a sense of purpose, fulfilling your financial needs. A job trains you with virtues, skills, and qualifications that you would use in later years.

Many people are studying a course in university, and they don’t know if that course is rushed in the labour market.

If you are currently attempting jamb, please read this to know if your course is valid in the Nigerian labor market

To avoid wearing a suit and tie, walking, and pacing under the hot sun and your efforts are futile.




The beautiful part of being an accountant is that you can work for small, medium, and large scale businesses handling their financial documents, book-keeping, auditing, balance sheet, stock keeping, etc.

Most business owners are not chanced to take records of their products. Accounting is one of the highest paying job because more and more people are diving into business. Some of this set of people don’t have any idea on how to keep records of their stock.


Digital marketing

The world is a global village. So many businesses have been mounted on social media. One way to cash out easily is to write content, make videos advertising people’s businesses. They’re numerous products to advertise and sell on the online world. This can be done remotely as you can stay in your comfort zone, advertise a product to the desired target audience, and get paid.

As a digital marketer, you need to have a strong social media presence, people who believe and trust you in the online space. An example of digital marketers are social media influencers, they advertise brands on their walls, with convincing content to a host of audiences who are willing to patronize the brand because of their love and trust for the social media Influencers.



Living in Nigeria is stressful, so people are moved by what would help them relieve the stress a bit. A beautiful example is the TV presenters that talk about music, analysis of movies, motivational talk shows, health talk shows, etc. These are other forms of entertainment one can venture into other than being an actress/actor or a music artiste.


Legal practitioners

We live in a country where injustice is taking the order of the day and people’s rights are trampled on, legal practitioners such as lawyers, barristers, etc. are needed to assist innocent masses. Law is a noble profession in Nigeria with high pay.

As a legal practitioner, you could work for a firm, an individual, etc. You can also work in a law court as a public prosecutor, public servant, or solicitor, though the payments differ for all different levels.



Teaching is a gold mine because knowledge is impacted. Nigerian lecturers can earn up to 150-500 NGN ranging on their level of professionalism with added benefits.



Gone are the days of knotting ties and holding briefcases, roaming the streets of Nigeria looking for a job. The Digital era has made job search easy and connects you with companies, employers that are in need of your services.

So, by following these easy steps, you are assured of getting a job immediately

✓ Find jobs that suit your qualifications. LinkedIn is a social media platform filled with companies in search of professionals. Update your profile, give details of your skills and qualifications, and set your profile that would make companies search for you and hire you.

✓ Create a captivating resume/CV: Employers do not have all day going through your lengthy CV or resume, you can gain their attention when your resume/CV is easy and straightforward listing your skills and qualifications. You should also write about how you can improve the business growth and why you should be hired.

✓Ask for recommendations and connections: No one is an island, so asking for help when job searching can do you a lot good. Have open communication with friends, relatives, colleagues to quickly put a call when they come in contact with people or organizations in need of your services.

On social media, you can also ask for recommendations. Social media recommendations have helped so many people get jobs both here and in the diaspora (abroad).

So, don’t shrink back in fear because you don’t want people to know you are job searching.



Lagos: Lagos is the center of excellence with mass populations. Areas in Lagos you can get high-paying jobs are mostly on islands. These areas include Lekki, V.I, Ajah, etc.

Other areas include Portharcourt, Abuja, etc.

Following this beautiful guide, getting a job in Nigeria wouldn’t be too difficult.



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