Step by step guide on how to work abroad – permit for work 2022

The process of getting a job in another country is very daunting and challenging. If you have a dream of working abroad, then It is very important for you to understand every process and meet up with the requirements attached to it. In this article, you will get to learn:

  • What is work permit?
  • How to obtain a work permit
  • Ways you can work abroad
  • Step by step guide on how to work abroad.



As an individual who is intending to work in a foreign country, you are expected to provide some official documents of which work permit is included. A work permit which is also called an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) is an official document that is issued to individuals who is employed to take a job in a foreign country for a specific period of time. It is very necessary for employers to verify the validity of their employees work permit and other documents.



Using U.S. as a case study, getting a work permit to work over there is not as easy stated here but it is a straight forward process which involves one filling out a form, attaching the fee, required photos, and documents proving your eligibility. Afterwards, you are expected to submit it to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).



Working abroad involves working as a student or volunteer in a foreign country through a programme. This will enable you get to meet new people, explore new cities, cultures, ideas etc.

Have you been wanting to study abroad but do not know how to go about it? Have you had the opportunity to work but do not have the right documents?

The following are ways you can work abroad:

  • Work abroad Agency: This type of organizations provide you with wide range of programs, work and opportunities. They work both home and abroad giving you all the support you need and making your journey very smooth and less strenuous. They can go as far as helping you secure all the documents you need, get a good accommodation, job placement, health insurance, visa etc. Note that the services offered to you by these agencies are not free. However, you are expected to pay hugely for their support. If it is your first time traveling abroad and you have nobody to guide you through, then you cannot escape these agents.


  • Be an explorer and travel out: If you have the right documents, experience and don’t want to spend on agencies, you can make research by exploring the internet to search for companies recruiting in the country you wish to work in. After applying for series of jobs online, then you can travel out to the country of your choice ease the whole process. There is however, a 70% chance of getting any of these jobs. This way, you can make your own path and become completely independent but it is not very easy to go through this process.


  • Work exchange: For anyone who wishes to work abroad, a work exchange is the perfect idea. Work exchange also known as “volunteerism”, involves traveling abroad in an agreement with some other person or organization to exchange your time and skills for accommodation and other benefits. Accommodation and feeding require a lot of money, so you are at a great advantage getting free housing and feeding but you cannot control where you will stay.


  • Volunteer: Since Volunteering involves traveling and visiting trying to help people with an organization, working as a volunteer can give you some benefits like; touring different countries, learning different skills, languages, cultures etc.


  • Digital Skills: If you don’t want to limit yourself in working a 9-5 job. It is important to acquire a skill that will help ease your stay abroad. Digital skills can never be overrated because it is very flexible, you can actually work at the comfort of your home and earn big enough to cater for accommodation and feeding. Web designing, freelancing, digital writings are well-paid online jobs. As a Digital nomad, you must either have enough savings or a side job that will also cover up for days you do not get any online job.



  • Before thinking of working abroad, you must first determine the kind of work that best suits you, the type of job you want, the position you would like to work in.
  • Put into consideration which country you would like to work in. Choose country base on cost of living, job opportunities etc.
  • Make research on the available jobs in the country of your choice.
  • Apply for a visa or work permit, some employers find it necessary to obtain either of the two. If you want to work abroad, you are expected to start you visa application and work permit on time.
  • Get a well detailed valid and updated resume. This resume should carry all your information and must be written in the language of the country you are applying to.
  • After the above is settled and you meet all the requirements of the job, then you can apply for it and patiently wait for a feedback.


In conclusion, working abroad without a work permit can cost you a lot. You will suffer from consequences like being banned from that country. It is almost impossible getting a legit job in countries like USA without a work permit. It is compulsory to provide your ID and immigration documents because these will guarantee you a job abroad. However, there are certain jobs that can be done without a work permit.

  • Agricultural job: Most agricultural industries do not need a work permit since it mostly involves manual labour.
  • Gardening and babysitting: This is very common abroad. So many working class look for who can stay home with their kids while they are away. You do not need a work permit to do such jobs.
  • Newspaper delivery jobs: you can deliver newspaper to people’s homes and get paid for it.
  • Personal business: You can be a boss of your own by doing your own business.



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