Which African countries pays highest salary

People mostly Nigerians do ask. Which African countries pays the highest salary? In our today’s article. We will be considering the highest African countries with the highest paying jobs. As of 2018, the IMF particularly Sub-Saharan Africa has some of the fastest-growing economies in the world with economic growth of 3.8% better than the 3.7, particularly for the rest of the world, Africa as a resource-rich class.

10 Best paying African countries

Recent growth has been huge in sales, commodities, services, and manufacturing. So if Africa is as good as this economically. Then how well are the workers being paid on the continent? on average, which countries are workers enjoying more?.

Which African countries pays highest salary

Find out in today’s post as we reveal the top 10 African countries with the highest-paid jobs. The rating is according to the new world’s largest database. Contributed data about cities and countries worldwide. It does not represent countries that have the highest paying profession. Rather, it considers the salaries of the entire working population of the country to find the average salary.

10. Nigeria.

The country with the 10 highest paying jobs in Africa prides itself as the Giant Of Africa. But it turns out Nigeria isn’t the giant in this regard. Workers in Africa’s most populous nation and its largest economy earn an average of $190 per month. This is the average earnings after tax.

9. Egypt.

Egypt is home to the ninth highest-paid workers in Africa on average. The country which is experiencing an economic decline since the revolution of 2011. Still has well-being jobs. Especially in its financial services sector, an average worker in Egypt earns an average of $213 per month. Some of those jobs include those in the financial services sector.

8. Algeria.

Algeria is still in North Africa. The highest-paid destination resort area, Africa’s largest country has an economy that is driven by oil and gas. fall in the price of crude oil affected the income generated by the government.

But workers remain highly paid when compared to their peers in neighboring countries despite low global oil prices.

The economy grew at 3.8% in 2016, the average monthly salary after tax in the country is 200$ Some of the highest paying jobs in the country are in the medical field. Invasive cardiologists, urologists, and physicians are the top-paying jobs in the country.

7. Ghana.

Ghana has the highest GDP per capita in the West African region making her economy strong, vibrant, and fast-growing. The country also boasts of an independent judicial system. And the freedom of press and speech the centers that uphold its economy include manufacturing, automotive, and ship construction.

Exportation of digital technology groups, as well as exporting reach resources like industrial minerals and hydrocarbons. This is the industry where professionals can make the most money and has an average monthly salary of 213.0 $0.

However, its cost of living is moderately high. Therefore it is imperative to compare salary versus cost of living before accepting a job in Ghana.

6. Tunisia.

Tunisia a small North African country is the sixth on the list. Agriculture is the main sector of the employment market in Tunisia and points to about 50% of the population. It also contributes about 10% of GDP. However, just like in neighboring Algeria, also the highest paid jobs in Tunisia are in the medical field. An average highest-paid worker in Tunisia earns around $296 per month after tax.

5. Kenya.

Kenya is famous for its classic Savannah safaris. A country of dramatic extremes and classic contrast. Nairobi is one of Africa’s most planned and diverse for many people. Kenya can be linked to the African microcosm. It also has some high-paying job workers in the country who earn an average of $376 a month. Some of the highest-paid professions in the country include medicine, accounting, finance, and engineering.

4. Morocco.

Morocco is known for its diverse market-oriented economy. It has been experienced low isolation and stable economic growth in the last few years. Those working in the job industries enjoy a large paycheck every month. Such industries include human resources, manufacturing business and finance, tourism and hospitality, and banking. Workers in this North African country go home with an average of $403.

3. Namibia.

Namibia’s economy heavily depends on the extraction and processing of minerals for exports, mining accounts for 11.5% of GDP. But provides more than 50% of foreign exchange earnings. Maybe it’s one of the world’s five producers of uranium, and it also has reached diamond deposits. The country’s economy is currently vulnerable to world commodity price fluctuations and drops people in Namibia are earning an average of $809 a month.

2. Mauritius.

The country, however, has a high cost of living if you were already thinking of moving there to Mauritius because of the beautiful island. Mauritius is considered the easiest nation to do business with an Africa located off the southeast coast of Africa.

This tiny island has a history of political stability. Good governance record in an open and flexible regulatory system. It is Africa’s most competitive economy with just 1.3 million people. The country’s economic growth increased in 2016. Mainly supported by recovering investment activity. The country’s workers earn an average monthly salary of $883. Making it the country with the second-highest paying jobs in Africa.

1. South Africa.

Africa’s second-largest economy and mining powerhouse is home to some of the highest-paying jobs on the continent. Some of Africa’s biggest brands like DSTV and ShopRite are all domiciled in the country. South Africa is the only African country whose highest paying jobs are already four figures USD, the average monthly net salary after tax in South Africa is $1,107. The country’s Wide Mind already still enjoys the best quality of life in the country. It still offers a unique experience for all inhabitants.

Which African countries pays highest salary


If you’re in the diaspora, will you return to work in Africa? What are your thoughts about this ranking? Do you agree or disagree with it? Let us hear from you in the comment section.



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